I start with the simple premise “we’re here aren’t we” that says in effect “nobody can really be atheist”. Hence don’t try to understand many things that are beyond our ever understanding. In particular do not try to understand energy.

Then I have to agree that employing what we now know we are fast running out of resources to maintain the higher standard of living of people living in so called developed countries & to spread this standard to people living in undeveloped lands. The root necessity is to have humanity continue well here on planet earth as long as necessary filling the essential needs for further progress of that humanity as we go.

It seems we have to be able to sustain ourselves on planet earth for the time it takes to develop the means & be successful colonizing elsewhere. There is a lot of work ahead to carry out the many implications of colonizing. We may well have to undertake multiple attempts in all.

To avoid very stringent conditions & perhaps live well on earth for a long time to come the clever researchers have to find ways to harness the ample energy supplied naturally by old Sol. We may accomplish the double feat of continuing good life on earth & colonising!

Aren’t we the clever ones!


Earth Colony

Couple of centuries away for a REAL Colony. SciFi colony Рoh yes straight away sir, real colony  another matter.

As a reader in search of the details go no further than viewing the video copy of a public lecture at the Perimeter Institute of theoretical physics at Waterloo Ontario Canada where Neil Turok is the chief cook & bottle washer (Mr. Turok, born S. Africa, lived a while in Tanzania & went to Cambridge U was just made a recipient of the Order of Canada.)

See: Voyaging an evolutionary transition.

I think that human life on Planet Earth will survive this much talked of 6th. extinction with all the clever developments by those researchers we are lucky to have so don’t worry (well not too much). I think we’ll get by and sustain here but we also need to colonise as soon as possible.

We will worry though. It’s what humans do.