Win – Win

That’s what we do if we both significantly cut carbon & harvest energy. Wow!

Stop using that carbon rich fossil fuel. Harvest the energy Sol sends us always.

Sounds to be so easy doesn’t it but doing is not so easy. The snag is getting energy when & where we want it. Also hard will be moving away from all those carbon rich fossil fuels.

Should we decide not to colonize space or if we fail in our attempts then there is no alternative known to us in sustaining life on earth in the long run other than developing all round use of the abundant energy supplied to us by Sol.



I start with the simple premise “we’re here aren’t we” that says in effect “nobody can really be atheist”. Hence don’t try to understand many things that are beyond our ever understanding. In particular do not try to understand energy.

Then I have to agree that employing what we now know we are fast running out of resources to maintain the higher standard of living of people living in so called developed countries & to spread this standard to people living in undeveloped lands. The root necessity is to have humanity continue well here on planet earth as long as necessary filling the essential needs for further progress of that humanity as we go.

It seems we have to be able to sustain ourselves on planet earth for the time it takes to develop the means & be successful colonizing elsewhere. There is a lot of work ahead to carry out the many implications of colonizing. We may well have to undertake multiple attempts in all.

To avoid very stringent conditions & perhaps live well on earth for a long time to come the clever researchers have to find ways to harness the ample energy supplied naturally by old Sol. We may accomplish the double feat of continuing good life on earth & colonising!

Aren’t we the clever ones!


Energy Unsmilingly

I regularly watch videos where the clever ones purport to tell us simple minded folk all sorts of things discovered. We find as we watch expectant that there is only a partial telling because the clever ones at some point in their story get around to admitting that there is still much to learn.

That is alright at my end because I firmly believe that there is a point in the telling when we have to hand over to religion and admit that us poor minded though clever-in-our- group humans will never know.

I used to think that I knew the point beyond where human kind could not go. In those days I laughed to myself when people would go round and round endeavoring to explain energy.

More recently I stopped at quantum entanglement which makes me think “Not so smart am I”.  Though when I see these videos with irrelevant calculus filled chalk boards alongside as if to say “We know things you don’t” I give a little “Grr”. I become unsmiling.

So soon as I have chance I will order some books in the “For Dummies” series then I will smile again.

Workhorses Hurrah

Absent the powerful lightweight battery the researchers seek I predict more workhorses on farms. In the previous century use was made of the heavy dobbin to move crops, plough & many other things in place of the ubiquitous mechanical tractor of today and we are fast running out of fossil fuels to power these mechanical beasts.

Back To The Future

To be a sustainable place for the human family of life we need food & the accompanying volume of commercial sustainable food & this in turn means productive farms that harvest well a recovered food supply.

We know that there is plenty of energy from that good old Sol falling onto planet earth. We also know that much of this energy that we are blessed with falls at times of the day that are inconvenient for us humans. Until we invent a sizeable lightweight storage cell to manufacture batteries galore we are back to previous centuries farming methods.

Workhorses will Neigh Loudly


Storing Electricity – Batteries

Prospering in future years will be much easier by having reasonably costing access to energy 24/7. We won’t have it in the near, near future unless we act successfully now as fossil fuels are running out. We’ll have to get it or perish.  Get it we will by the effort of those clever researchers I keep mentioning along with the fact that Sol sees to it that it sends more than energy each day to planet earth. At present it seems that storage of electrical energy will be the way to go.

More to come but right now I want to watch baseball

Rare Element Resources

Rare Elements found on planet earth are not renewable resources. We either have them handy or we simply don’t have them. We need them in the future to survive & we are finding them difficult to get. This aspect is aside from all the noise about population size & global warming.

Energy is pouring onto earth abundantly (hurrah) & unfortunately a lot of it at times when we don’t use it (oh dear). The common lead-acid battery is not the answer & much faith is being placed on batteries with vanadium poles. We need energy. We need abundant supplies of rare elements such as vanadium to build useable batteries (that we have yet to invent).

In a much commoner case the non-renewable rare element chromium is used to coat steel (e.g. car bumpers). We are currently gobbling up chromium element & urgently need to find more.

Not easy additions but still workable are our exploring the much neglected sea bed source & the rich source of solar system meteorites. Neither are renewable resources but resources that could supply our needs for some time. Also there are the possibilities of using the ever resourceful scrap dealers more than we have done yet.

Not a very nice post is it. Rare metals resources are a stand alone issue to solve as we deal with all else if we are to be humans on planet earth.

There are though possibilities…..

Our clever researchers may get some from seawater Seawater Source

They may find ways to get some from Asteroids & Meteorites Valuable Asteroid

Don’t rule out some (a little) from scrap merchants!