Care-Aid for Resident Vigils

Whenever a resident has become in need of a vigil then care-aid is needed for the visitors, family members & close friends who come to Crescent Park Lodge. Recreation is in process of creating a self supporting fund to defray the added costs of this “We Care” item. This fund to be the beneficiary of voluntary donations that it is hoped will suffice.

During a vigil those participating will need refreshments, comfortable chairs, blankets and kits containing those everyday things that a person will need but is not likely to have with them The fund will be made available to pay the associated cost.

AnotherĀ  example of the “We Care” attitude

Friends, Families, Enemies

Just a thought. Families are Objective and you are either a member of a particular family or not. Friends, Enemies and all similar things between are Subjective. One can be a friend and an enemy tomorrow. It is a subjective position.

Why the thought? Well recreation departments appear to struggle mentally between these things when considering family members attending Family Councils which are reportedly under represented.

Do I have a solution? Sorry just a thought.

Creation & Recreation

A simple word “creation”. Adding “re” to the front and there it is “recreation”.

Recreation whenever I think of it is the many uses of leisure time but when applied to a long term care nursing home department means much more. In these cases Recreation means re-creation of which recreation is the part, as many people & myself have come to understand it is “games played in leisure time”.