Nesting Season

Crescent Park Lodge. The one that includes a heart for the birds.

We started the group “It’s for the birds” neither optimist nor pessimist, just hoping. We installed and filled the feeders and though we have had lots of snowy cold weather we watched and waited.

Rewardeded! Yes indeed and though we saw a few birds the big reward was when we saw straw dedicated by birds to nest making mysteriously carried and moved.

It’s for the birds” group basking (even sunny & warm now) in the glory of success!

We had an interesting conservation discussion with volunteer Norman. Included were a number of painted books with local bird drawings to look at.

Norman told us about a very complete Niagara Parks Facility that includes a paved road. We will investigate and see if it suitable for group residents to set up a bus trip for us along the route.

The group also heard from Norman of several Ontario bodies interested in conservation for us to contact which we will do later.

Appears that we will have a nest to tell about.

Volunteers Everywhere

Well! That is how it seemed when this lodge had the annual volunteers celebration.

Residents & staff showered volunteers with gifts of appreciation and a certificate (ta-da) expressing our thanks.

It is much more than the supplementary work they do as they go about giving residents that extra loving attention.

It is the fact that our volunteers care along the way and this caring brightens the life of residents.

Crescent Park, the long term lodge that has volunteers who care.

Patting each other on the back? Just a way of showing that we ALL care & that is very ok.