We ALL Change with Time

We get our opinions about attitude of the folk around us that many of us keep and keep and keep without further thought. Should we?

People around us have attitudes that change and although some attitudes tend to persist all are in a state of flux about our attitudes. Attitudes do change in all of us.

So, by all means cast others by present attitudes but be prepared to constantly re-assess.

Just another in my constant fight against the “Can’t be bothered” attitude.


Consolidation? Cooling Yes. Wow.

It seems to be in the distant past that ConMed applied for permission to consolidate the residents and staff of Crescent Park Lodge (CPL) with those of two other lodges in a new lodge to be built in Niagara Falls.

The mayor of Ft. Erie where CPL is located objects as we are told do some families of CPL residents and to date no consolidation approval has been announced.

As part of the consolidation the present and outdated CPL will be replaced meanwhile CPL residents have to continue living in the present facilities where the residents have no air conditioning cooling in their rooms and consequently suffer during the blisteringly hot months. In fact there are many more deficiencies such as narrow washroom doors.

We understand that it will take three years to build afresh and so far there is  not even official  approval.

Cellphones & Text Messaging

Recently I had a cellphone that I used mainly for communicating with my contacts by text message. Only when it had to be sent for repair did I realize how beneficial it was.

Particularly valuable to me was the ability to group contacts together so that when I wanted to send the same message to multiple persons away it went to all in a grouop at the touch of one button.

Just as with sending so with receiving. Anyone in the group replying automatically sends to everyone.

Of course some things are confidential but this is taken care of by being able to arrange a single other.

I have a cellphone again and made this post as part of my exuberance. All residents can benefit from having a cellphone.

Robots, bed to wheelchair

A new robot is designed to help provide quality care for Japan’s aging population. Robots expected to play role in U.S. caregiving cites long-term care insurance expert.

A new robot has brought Japan one step closer to its goal of providing high-quality care for its growing elderly population.

The robot uses high-precision tactile sensors and flexible motor control technology to lift patients weighing up to 80kg (180 pounds) off floor-level bedding and into a wheelchair. The developers note this is intended to free care facility personnel of one of their most difficult and energy-consuming tasks.

See: Caring for Japanese seniors

Help Me

All residents of long term care homes can summon help for something that a person can no more do for themselves. Until now that help arrives with a human but what will happen when it is a robot that arrives?

Now or the near future I find that robotic help is unlikely though not augmented human help. Some augmented help is already in common use with the various forms of powered lifts that are used.

True that robot help is regularly used on automotive production lines where repetition is common but I believe that a routine task in a long term care home is much more difficult. Rooms are often different and so is the placing of beds.

All true till 2018. Not so true in the near future where “Life 3.0” is well presented jn a book by Max Tegmark. (Being like Winnie The Pooh, of small brain with an insatiable curtiosity I have to read the book several times to grasp the full meaning). I did learn that we needs’be very careful.