Arctic Patrol Ships

Thales Canada, a French company subsidiary, has been awarded a contract to build six arctic patrol vessels.

Patrol vessels of Thales design are being built by Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, with the first expected next year.

Under the contract, Thales is required to subcontract work for ships delivered in the east to companies in the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario, whereas work on ships delivered in the west must be completed in the western provinces and territories.

Canadian Arctic

From a Government of Canada publication…..

“Canada’s Arctic makes up over 40% of our landmass and is home to more than 100,000 Canadians. It is an essential part of our national identity and an area of growing importance internationally.

The Government of Canada is dedicated to ensuring that the international spotlight stays focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the Arctic.

It is a vast treasure that we inhabit and hold in trust for future generations. Northeners, including indigenous peoples who comprise 80 percent of the population in some regions, have brought a number of issues to the world’s attention:

  • the dangers and challenges posed by climate change;
  • the need for sustainable economic development;
  • and the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge with our circumpolar neighbours and the world.

Canada’s Artic foreign policy is based on four pillars – protecting Canada’s environmental heritage, promoting economic and social development, improving and devolving northern governance and exercising Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic.”

Northern Canada, defined politically to comprise (from west to east) Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Northern Canada, colloquially the North, is the vast northernmost region of Canada variously defined by geography and politics. Politically, the term refers


I normally have a shower before breakfast on Monday but the PSW told me there was no shower person & I was to have a bed bath. Then the PSW lost the leg bag that I had readied the night before. Then the PSW could not locate either the Lamasil cream for the fungus on my left big toe nor the tub of ointment for the pain spot on my penis. This is the fourth time consecutively that these medicaments have been lost.

Will spend the next few days on all matters Arctic in Canada. Of passing interest is the Franklin expedition of three ill fated ships in the 1700’s looking for the North West Passage written about in the book titled “‘Ice Ghosts” by Paul Watson.

Feeding Pole

Not what I expected to see in use at a long term care nursing home but rather at a hospital. My room sharing spouse returned from hospital surgery where she was fitted with a feeding tube that directly enters her stomach because she is unable to eat through her throat.

She is now starting to be fed all nourishment from a pole mounted bag which will take 3 hours for each meal and it is something I never expected to see at a nursing home. It looks as though it will take a while to be completely comfortable with but compared to the choking and pain that was becoming the norm is truly a blessing. Wow.

Recreation NO Activity YES

In our long term care home Recreation is an important department.

The word “Recreation” is thought of by most citizens to mean a pastime activity, a way of absorbing our otherwise unused hours but Recreation means much more being properly thought of as literally creation again for our residents, re – creation if you will, activities that include much more than pastimes.

Perhaps, instead of “Recreation Department”  a better name would be “Activity Department” of which Recreation is a part.

Caring Community

Yesterday my wife Carol, who is re-united with me as another resident here, went to St.Catharine’s accompanied by an in-house PSW. Similarly today when Carol went to have surgery at Welland.

On both occasions the PSW sent a text message on her cell phone to a Manager here. That person immediately found me and relayed the contents, which were success in each case.

This action enabled me to send a message to our siblings on my cellphone that I had with me. Another spontaneous act of kindness occurred today. My wife had to remove her rings when in the presence of a PSW but during my absence. The PSW not only stored the rings safely but also sought me to tell me the whereabouts.

It is a real treat to be living in this caring community that is Crescent Park Lodge.

Footnote: On the return of Carol from the hospital in Welland she stopped breathing and I think her life is due to the accompanying Crescent Park Lodge PSW who then administered CPR.