Rare Element Resources

Rare Elements found on planet earth are not renewable resources. We either have them handy or we simply don’t have them. We need them in the future to survive & we are finding them difficult to get. This aspect is aside from all the noise about population size & global warming.

Energy is pouring onto earth abundantly (hurrah) & unfortunately a lot of it at times when we don’t use it (oh dear). The common lead-acid battery is not the answer & much faith is being placed on batteries with vanadium poles. We need energy. We need abundant supplies of rare elements such as vanadium to build useable batteries (that we have yet to invent).

In a much commoner case the non-renewable rare element chromium is used to coat steel (e.g. car bumpers). We are currently gobbling up chromium element & urgently need to find more.

Not easy additions but still workable are our exploring the much neglected sea bed source & the rich source of solar system meteorites. Neither are renewable resources but resources that could supply our needs for some time. Also there are the possibilities of using the ever resourceful scrap dealers more than we have done yet.

Not a very nice post is it. Rare metals resources are a stand alone issue to solve as we deal with all else if we are to be humans on planet earth.

There are though possibilities…..

Our clever researchers may get some from seawater Seawater Source

They may find ways to get some from Asteroids & Meteorites Valuable Asteroid

Don’t rule out some (a little) from scrap merchants!


A sustainable population is one that can be maintained at that number of people indefinitely without adversely impacting the environment or the quality of life of the members of that population. (Answers.com)

One that can be maintained at that number of people indefinitely without adversely impacting the environment or the quality. (Eh?). True enough PROVIDING EVERY COMPONENT REMAINS UCHANGED. Otherwise we look at a FALSE number, one that changes by the day & is only true on that day.


Religion is a part of human life. There are many religions. Some humans have no religious belonging.

I class humans as “Good”, “Bad”, “Indifferent”. Religious sect members include humans that fall into all of my three classes.

Many writers I consider cowards because they carefully avoid religion as a subject that provokes animosity & bad feelings.

Religion can be a large part in many humans lives & I will not avoid discussing it.

I am a baptized Christian because that is the religion of my immediate ancestors. I, like many, am not a practising Christian or indeed anything.


Shoes & Ships & Sealing Wax & Cabbages & Kings & Why The Sea is Boiling Hot & Whether Pigs Have Wings.

Yes, nonsense which is what the word “Sustainable” that we see so often really is. At the start understand that it usually refers to sustainable human life on planet earth. At present it usually is limited by the earth receiving regular & enough energy from our planet’s star Sol so received energy from Sol is likely sustainable for many centuries to come, not forever.

To distinguish from true “sustain” but not to stop using this word that many find useful I will be using sustainable/ in future posts.

Earth has many clever researchers who have the habit of future finding stuff that replaces the things I have talked about. To me it makes for more excitement to be taken into account and I will try to avoid confusion.